Da ist er wieder - unser allseits beliebter Yoga-Brunch in der Adventszeit!

Was gibt es Schöneres als in dieser ruhigen Zeit gemeinsam zu praktizieren und anschließend gemütlich zusammen zu essen, zu quatschen, zu lachen!?!?


Sabine & Christoph unterrichten gemeinsam ab 9.30 Uhr. Lass Dich anschließend von ihrem leckeren vegetarischen Buffet verwöhnen!



Datum: Sonntag, 2. Advent, 08.12.2019

Uhrzeit: 9.30 bis ca. 14 Uhr

Kosten: 35,- €

Wo: Ashtanga Yoga Allgäu

Anmeldung: Mail an

bereits vergangene Workshops:

Workshops & Mysore-Classes with Ajay Tokas


Wir bringen ein Stückchen Mysore zu Euch! Wir freuen uns riesig, dass der wunderbare Ashtanga Yoga Lehrer Ajay Tokas aus New Delhi / Indien auch dieses Jahr wieder zu uns ins Allgäu kommt! 

Im Mai habt ihr endlich wieder die Gelegenheit von ihm zu lernen.

We bring a piece of Mysore to you! We are very happy that the awesome Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Ajay Tokas from New Delhi / India will be back at our place in South-Germany in 2019. In May you will have the extraordinary opportunity to study with him again in South-Germany.


All levels are welcome!!!




Ajay Tokas is a Level 2 authorized Ashtanga Yoga Teacher, having received the formal blessings of his Guru, Shri R. Sharath Jois to teach this yogic art.  Ajay started teaching in 2010 and so far have taught in China, Indonesia, Turkey, Philippines, Thailand, Russia, Kazakhstan, Europe , USA to name just a few. Currently Ajay is learning the fourth Series under the guidance of his Guru.


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Friday:      8 - 11 am: Mysore-Class


Saturday: 8.30 - 10.15 am: Led-Primary 

                    2 - 4 pm: Workshop "Art of breathing"


Sunday:    8 - 11 Uhr Mysore-Class

                    2 - 4 pm: Workshop "Hip Openers"


Monday:  8 - 11 am: Mysore-Class


Tuesday: 8 - 11 am: Mysore-Class

"Art of breathing"

In our daily lifes, we breathe throughout the day, but do not acknowledge our natural breath and its pace. We have forgotten how subtle is the breath and PRANA, the energy which moves inside. Join Ajay in this workshop "Art of breathing" where he takes you back to the classical practice of breathing exercises of Hatha Yoga, where the breath is given the utmost importance and core of all. Ajay will explain the rules and teach the basics of breath which will help you to dive within and understand your own breathing pattern and furthermore develop your breathing process as a whole in your yoga practice. 

"Hip Openers"

Lifestyle, culture and several other reasons can be a factor for the tightness in the hips and knees. When hips are more open, sitting or seated positions get more comfortable and less strain goes on the joints. Ajay will share his classical approach and - step by step - methods on hip mobility and loosening of tight hips. Practice will be taught safely on how to avoid injuries and increase movement in pelvic region which helps in getting more access to several other asanas. 



Option 1: "Full Workshop" (5 morning classes, 2 workshops):

regular: 320,- € 

early-bird: 285,- € 


Option 2: "Weekend only" (3 morning classes, 2 workshops):

regular: 275,- € 

early-bird: 240,- € 


Single Workshop:

regular: 80,- €

early-bird: 70,- € 


Single Mysore-Class: 

regular: 45,- €

early-bird: 35,- €


The early-bird-price is valid up to 31.03.2019! All prices include 19 % Tax (USt.)!

Information & Registration:

Location: Ashtangayoga Allgäu

                      Kapitän-Nauer-Str. 3a

                      87634 Obergünzburg - GERMANY


Journey - how to get there?



Transfer from the Allgäu-Airport to Obergünzburg can be organized!


Train Station: closest train-station is "Günzach" (4 km from Obergünzburg), Buses regularly



Fernbus - there are long-distance-buses stopping in the small cities around



We are happy to help you if you have questions about coming here - just send a mail to


Accommodation / Unterkunft-Tipps:


As we live on the countryside it is not easy with the accommodations. We tried our best and listed most of them for you - you can see on the document below:

Accommodations in & around Obergünzburg
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